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UTTAR DUMDUM SAMAJ KALYAN SAMITI (UDDSKS) is a KOLKATA based National Level Organization working for the improvement of society development, as a registered organization & is working since 2013. The Association was registered as a non-profit, voluntary organization under Society Registration Act XXVI of 1961, 2015-16, by Government of West Bengal. There are 34 wards under North Dumdum Municipality, Barrackpore Subdivision, North 24 Parganas, West Bengal. Our work is concentrated around ward No. 30. One of the major goals of Uttar Dum Dum Samaj Kalyan Samiti (UDDSKS) is to accentuate the hunger for education, proving one’s ability and serving the society for the underprivileged. The projects, discussed below, have been adopted by UDDSKS in course of its quest to reach that goal.

Our Vision: Enhancement of inherent skills of the community and helping it develop into alive, vibrant, ambitious, productive, positive and healthy environment UDDSKS is basically an attempt to improve a community since society is improved through the development of communities belonging to the society, emphasis is on creating a better living environment for the people of Uttar Dumdum Municipality, especially women and children.

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Some of Our Activities & Goals

Education for all

Education for all Education and Consciousness: The role of our organization in promotion of standard and non-formal education and practical application of education, which is designed to increase awareness, analyzing harmful events and engaging in conduct accordingly. The dream of a better human society must continue. It is also our job to provide a library for concerned regional languages and literature, science, history, etc.

Health Awareness programs:

Health and Precaution: The true joy of life lies hidden in a healthy body. To be perfectly good in the physical, mental and social fields, we need to involve ourselves in practice. We want to be careful about implementing childhood health programs at the school level, programs for the elderly and health programs for women and children. Awareness about hygiene will play a vital role in maintaining good health.

Some of Our Key Mission & Activities

Poverty Reduction: This is a difficult issue. To play a contributing role in the development of poor people, we take the initiative to accelerate people's participation in various poverty alleviation programs adopted by state & central governments.

Culture: Culture is endangered today. Today culture is blackened by the touch of majoritarian ink. Our job is to play a supportive role in maintaining a healthy culture; Recitation, songs, drawings - Creating a field of cultural discussion and living a life full of interests. UDDSKS organize Different types of workshop for children; even science and environment associated activities.

Environment: It is our duty to protect the environment and take the initiative to play a helpful role in pollution. Supporting the environment through proper removal of wastes, not allowing water to be stored in the area, saving the drainage, eliminating the growth of insects. Tree planting programs should be adopted every year we advocate local people to clean garbage regularly, the road, pond, drainage systems and house areas, monitoring the whole process on a monthly basis. Fresh air preserves the life of the tree. Tree trimming should be prevented.

Other Activities
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Cleanliness and Hygiene:

 After a long survey in 2016 of houses of ward no.30 distributed mosquito nets for preventing mosquito relate diseases. House Vent pipe and Septic Tank outlet sources are main points for these nets. At present, the residents are satisfied with this activity; now more than 400 houses have access to such nets.


Health Awareness programs:

Health Awareness programs: We always focus on Health awareness activities like Mental Health Awareness program, Mother-Child Health Awareness program, distribution of Various Health Awareness etc. We are always concerned about our beneficiaries, awareness, what they lack and what to do.

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Health Awareness Program

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